Budgets help companies and their employees by describing what the rules surrounding equipments in the company are. For instance it answers:

  • What can I buy?
  • When can I upgrade?
  • How much can I spend?

This allows for a setup where both the administrator and the employees can feel confident and in control about what equipments employees use.

Let's take a look at a couple of scenarios and how to best achieve them by utilizing Velorys budget system.

Company pays for everything and all products are visible

This is the default setting in Velory. By not assigning a budget to an employee and configuring the default payor to be Company all products are visible to the employee in question and everything they buy will be paid for in full by the company.

Company pays for everything and price is hidden

You can achieve this setup by configuring a budget with an unlimited allowance and assigning it to an employee.

The unlimited budget setting

With this setting the store will now display a "paid by company" badge and hide prices from the employee.

This setup also allows you to control the upgrade interval of a user, as you can see in the screenshot above we allow switching products every 24 months.

Employee pays for everything

You can achieve this setup by not assigning any budgets to an employee and changing the default payor of the company to Employee. You can find this setting in the settings section.

Company pays up until a certain point

For this configuration we need to setup a couple of budgets and assign them to employees.

You can create budgets by going into settings and and clicking "Budgets and attestation". From there click on "Manage budgets".

You create budgets by giving it a name and assigning categories to it.

Creating a new budget

Once you have decided on a name you can add categories. For each category (or group of categories) you also add a payment interval, an allowance and an upgrade cycle.

Adding a category to a budget

Payment interval
How will the company pay for this? Will it be recurring or will it be a one off payment? When an employee places the order we will automatically select the payment option that makes sense based on this setting.

How much will an employee be allowed to spend when buying products in this category? If the employee goes above the allowance it will be counted as a salary deduction.
You can set allowance to be infinite which would allow employees to buy whatever they want with no overage being added no matter the cost of the product.

If you need help setting an allowance it can be useful to see what products actually cost, simply click the "Show price example" button and we will show you a list of products matching the categorie(s) in your own store so you can see what the price levels are usually like.

Upgrade cycle
How often should an employee be able to buy a new product within this category?

Limiting available product categories in the store

By default the store shows all product categories available to you. You can change this behaviour so that only product categories contained within an employees budget is shown by going into settings and enabling "Filter store by budget category".

Enabling filtering the store by budget category