A budget consists of a couple of smaller budgets that are tied to various different categories, for example "Phones" or "Computers". The budget is used to be able to set amounts that employees can spend within certain categories. When purchases are made that are above the budget the overage will be reported monthly to the company, this report can then be used to apply the cost as a salary deduction for the employee.

Each budget can be applied monthly or yearly as well as a renewal / contract length. For instance a budget for the category "Phones" might be 25 EUR per month for 36 months.

Budgets make it possible to control the companies costs while giving the employee the ability to customize their hardware without complicating things on the administration side of things.

Budget reports

Each month the company receives a report for all purchases above budget inside of Velory. The report is broken down per employee and category. A purchase that has a monthly cost over a longer period will be reported monthly until the period expires to make it easier to get correct monthly salary deductions for employees.

When a category is missing a budget

If a category is missing a budget Velory will work as if that category had a budget of 0, all purchases would be considered to be above budget for the employee.

När anställda beställer utöver sin tilldelade budget

Employees can choose to order products that are above the budget they have for the particular category. If an employee for instance orders an iPhone 11 Pro but the budget is set on a level that reflects an iPhone 11:s cost there will be an overage.

The overage between the products monthly cost and the budget will create a sallary deduction for the company (how this is handled internally at the company is up to the company itself). The salary deduction is either pulled straight from the salary after taxes or from the salary before taxes. The employer can decide themselves how this should work. We recommend that the salary deduction is done after tax as recommended by the Swedish tax agency.