It can sometimes be a little tricky to keep track of all the monthly payments in the company. We have therefore created the page "Monthly payments" in Velory to streamline the process and make it easier to keep track of things. On this page, you as an Administrator get an overview of all monthly payments in the company. At the same time, it facilitates communication about salary deductions with the salary department.

To get to the monthly payments page, you must log in to Velory, and then click on the "Asset Management" heading in the navigation menu. Click on "Employees" in the left column, and then "Monthly payments".

This feature, which is only available for administrator roles, includes:

  • That you as an administrator can see the total monthly salary deduction per employee or for the entire company.
  • You can see information about an employee's budget usage in detail.
  • You can export a CSV file with the company's monthly salary deduction.