If you’re an admin and have a need for an overall account in Velory where you can handle several sub companies within the same account, you should create a service account. With a service account, you have access to all companies registered in your service account and you can add and edit information about employees and devices, as well as placing orders.

To set up a service account, you need to contact the Velory support and they will help you out.

See a list of all your companies
Once your service account is registered, the company you belong to is automatically added as a company to the list of companies. Click on your name in the upper right corner, and choose Switch company. Here you will find a full view of all companies you have registered in your service account.

Adding a company to your service account
If you want to add a company, simply click on Register a new company.

And fill in the required fields: Company name, Organization number, Address Country.

Do you want to create an order for yourself? No problem! Just go to the company you are registered to (where it says Your role: Service account). You will only have a profile in the company you are registered to, not in the sub companies.