In the event of a Trade-in, a device (computer, mobile, tablet or other hardware) is handed in in exchange for money (and/or a discount on an upcoming purchase). The exchange contributes to a circular flow of hardware and helps both the planet and wallet.

In Velory, you can make a trade-in by going to the same page where you enter the IMEI number (for phones) or serial number (other) of the device you want to trade-in.

When making a trade-in by entering your IMEI number or serial number, you also need to answer questions about the condition of the device to get a correct rating.

Note that you can only trade-in units that you or your company own. A unit that is on an active financing agreement can therefore not be replaced. When trading in units via Velory, compensation is always paid to the company.

The valuation of units

The evaluation of devices is done through a number of parameters that you fill in when you type in the device's IMEI or serial number. In order for the valuation to be completely correct, you need to do the following:

  1. Answer questions about the condition and function of the device.
  2. Check that the correct unit model is visible in the replacement flow.

With these parameters, an automatic evaluation of the device is made in Velory. Note that the valuation is preliminary and that the value may fall or rise based on the physical valuation that is then made when the unit is submitted.

Before sending the device in the return envelope you will receive after valuation and check-out in Velory, you should check the following:

  1. If you are replacing an iPhone, make sure that the device does not have "Find my iPhone" enabled and make sure that you are logged out of iCloud on the device.
  2. Reset the device to factory defaults and be sure to back up any personal data (pictures, contacts, messages, etc.) that you have on the device and want to keep on the next device you buy.

Once the device has been received and examined, you will be able to see a final value for the device.

Payout time

The payout time may vary for your trade-ins, depending on various factors such as mailing, the number of units to be valued, and whether there may be difficulties in valuing the unit. Our goal is always to pay out the value of the device as quickly as possible. A normal payout period is about 4-6 weeks.