Velory helps you automate the purchase, lifecycle management and support of your company's hardware and software. You can easily get started with Velory by reading our "Getting Started" guide, where we cover the following areas:

Asset Management

With your company's equipment in Velory, you as an administrator get increased control while saving time. The function presents the company's equipment from five perspectives: Overview, Statistics, Employees, Spaces and Equipment.


The store is the personal store for your company. By purchasing all the hardware and software from the same platform, you get an unmatched overview of your company's IT equipment and expenses. You can shop just like in any online store, with the difference that all purchases are automatically linked to the Asset Management tool.


You can also open up Velory for your employees. By inviting your employees to Velory, they have the opportunity to make inquiries when they need new or updated work tools. As an administrator, you retain control, including the ability to approve or deny their requests.