All employees are assigned to a budget in Velory. To find out how you can add a budget to an employee, you can watch the video or continue to read this article.

How to

Start by going to Asset Management -> Employees. Find the employee whose budget you want to manage. Then click on "Budget". If the employee in question doesn't have a budget assigned, that information will be visible on the page. Add a budget by selecting one from the drop-down menu that you can see in the image below, or click on "Manage budgets" in the right corner to add a new option.

If you click on "Manage budgets", you will get a new view, where you can customize and enter a new budget. Fill in the name and add categories, then fill in the budget for each category.

Then go back to the employee, click "Assign Budget", select your budget and finally click "Update user" to complete.