Each time your company receives incoming product requests from employees, they must be approved by an Admin before the orders go through. The responsible certifier receives both notification of the product request via email and can see the request by clicking on the profile of the person who submitted the request.

Only Admins can delegate someone to be responsible for certification. The function can be set to both Employees, Locations and the Company. To set this function for each area, you as an Admin must do the following:

  • For Employees: Go to the heading “Asset management” in the navigation bar and then click on “Employees.” Select the employee you want to make Attestation Manager from the list and then click on information– from here you can make the changes.
  • For Location: Go to "Account Settings" which you find by clicking on your profile in the right corner, then click on "Location". Here you can change the attestation settings.
  • For the Company: Go to "Account Settings" by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner. Then go to “Company Information” where you can change the attestation settings.

The incoming product requests are handled at the first level with the specified Attestation Manager, and are prioritized as followed:

1. Employee

2. The place the person belongs to

3. The company

4. In the event that there is no registered Attestation Manager responsible for either Employee, Location or the Company, the attestation is handled by all Admins.