If you want to manage which delivery address options should be visible for your employees when placing an order, you can easily manage this under your settings. This is how you do it:

  1. Click on your profile in the top right corner and choose Settings

2. Go to Delivery options in the menu to the left

3. Here you can choose to show either home and office locations, only home locations and only office locations. Update and you’re done!

With the above setting (Home and office locations) an employee that checks out will see the following options:

With home and office delivery allowed

The employee sees: Home location (default), HQ address, assigned location, and custom location as options. If the employee is not assigned to any locations the HQ address is shown.

If we switch the allowed locations to be only Office locations the employee would instead see:

With only office deliveries allowed

In this case "Velory AB" is the HQ and Gothenburg office is the location the employee is assigned to. If the employee is not assigned to any locations only the HQ location is shown.

And lastly by switching to Home locations the following will be shown to the employee:

With only home deliveries allowed

With this setting active the employee can select between the address they have entered in their details or enter something custom by selecting "Use custom location".