If you are an admin user in Velory, you can easily import employee and/or device data into the Velory platform. By importing this information, you will get an overview of your employees and which devices you have within the company, as well as seeing which device belongs to which employee. Note that importing employee data does not mean that you are inviting the employees to the platform.

The first thing you need to do to get data imported into Velory is to either click on the “Quick import” box when you sign in (under Your Assets), or…

… Go to Settings > Company > Imports

How to upload a CSV file

In this section you can upload a CSV file to the system to import the data. Here you can download a template to ensure you get the information in the right place. You can choose to import only employee data, only device data, or both in the same CSV file.

When you upload a CSV file where the information is added in an incorrect way, you will see a red icon next to the file. If you click on the arrow to the left of the red icon, the view will expand and you can see exactly which rows in the document you need to update. No data will be added to the system if the red icon appears.

When the CSV file is complete, a green icon will show and the data is now imported into Velory.

Now you can go to Asset Management to view the imported data.