Insurance is usually a requirement for all financed hardware with a residual value. (Here you can read more about financing). There are usually a few different choices you can make to choose the insurance that suits your business. Below we present the alternatives that currently exist, but be aware that not all alternatives may be selectable for your particular company.

Factors that determine which insurance is most advantageous for your company are, for example, how many units you insure, if you yourself want to bear the risk of temporary depreciation and if you prefer to have damaged units replaced or repaired.

Insurance from finance partners

When purchasing financed products, it is common for the insurance company to offer its own insurance as a supplement to the agreement. If you do not know what applies to your particular purchase, contact your reseller and / or the finance partner that intends to finance your order.

AppleCare +

If your reseller in Velory offers AppleCare +, you can choose it as your default insurance when your employees shop Apple products in the Velory platform, if AppleCare+ is available for that product.

Private insurance

Your company can also use the company's own insurance on financed products. If your company already has insurance that will cover products that are financed in Velory, and that you have an agreement in place about this with your finance partner, then select the option "Private insurance according to agreement with finance partner".

If your company already has insurance that will cover products financed in Velory, but you do not have an agreement for this with a finance partner, contact your reseller in Velory for information on how to proceed so that your company can use its own insurance. As part of that process, the finance partner can request that your company send them insurance certificates and insurance confirmations.

More about insurance

Ask an administrator at your company if you want to know which insurance is automatically applied to the products you finance through Velory.

Insurance cost

The insurance cost is not always included in the price shown in Velory. Please contact your reseller or your finance partner for more information.