Administrators can see detailed information and history of orders within the company. In the tab ‘Orders’, administrators will see a list of orders made, with possibility to expand the view for each order to get more information of status and details. With this feature, you as an administrator can keep track of order progress and if you need to, all order history is available for you if you need to find that information.

How to navigate to the ‘Orders’ view:

  1. Click on ‘Asset Management’ in the top header
  2. In the left side menu, you will find ‘Orders’
  3. Here you will find a list with all orders made. To get more information about each order, just expand the view of the order you want to know more about.

4. To view tracking information, click on the text ‘Track delivery’ for the order*.

*Tracking information will only be viewable if the Partner provides the information to Velory.